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Contact info that is always up-to-date

Outdated address books are a thing of the past. Benefit from data that is always up to date so you can get right to work without having to worry if your data is good.

  • Contact that is effortlessly correct
  • Data points that are verified by humans
  • Privacy aware with private and group sharing options
  • Intelligent data enrichment that fills in missing pieces automatically
  • Enable/Disable groups of contacts to focus on your target

Social and Collaborative

Outdated address books are a thing of the past. Benefit from data that is always up to date so you can get right to work without having to worry if your data is good.

  • Create groups to work with
  • Share private notes and contact info only with group
  • Join groups for additional data points that are relevant to the group
  • See and share activity of those in your organization (optional)
  • Activity heatmaps for each contact

Powerful Automations

Power through your work with less friction.

  • Auto-Dialer right from the browser
  • Send physical postcards with a click
  • Email Templates that work with any email address
  • Send newsletter templates with a click
  • Workflows and Pipline management

Integrates with you

Integrations with industry standard formats ensure that you will be able to use and work with your data no matter where you are.

  • Syncs natively with all of your devices and apps
  • Unified financial view
  • See your calendar and contacts anywhere
  • Additional integrations available through our API, and more coming all the time


Visualize and analyze your progress.

  • Project your goal date
  • Find meanigful metrics to analyze ways to improve efficiency
  • Stay motivated by seeing your team's progress
  • Daily dashboard to show you exactly what has happend and where to get started
  • Financial dashboard to efficively plan and budget

Powerful segmentation

Find connections with our social graph that combines 100+ data points on any contact or organization.

  • Create complex nested filters based on deeply nested attributes
  • Save complex filters that are unique to you
  • Easily combine & toggle saved filters to quickly include or exclude results
  • Filter by any relationship or attribute--or relationships of relationships
  • Join other groups to access even more niche data points

More Features

What else can it do?

Built from the ground up with flexibility in mind to fit your workflow, no matter who you are.


Connect tasks to directly to contacts, and filter them by attributes of the contact. What?!

Integrated Calendar

The most powerful calendar you've ever used.


Curate your list of contacts and hit "Go" to automatically call them directly from your browser. When you are done, the next call rings automatically! No more start-stop.

Connect. All the ways.

Dont just call. Text. Email. Send newsletters. Social media messaging. Spice it up. All from a single interface.

Financial Integrations

Connect your finances directly to your contacts, tasks, and calendar and enable powerful reporting and planning.

Much much more...

Use your time to serve others, not bogged down in administrative duties. More time away from your computer means more time to accomplish your mission.

Designed for Organizations and Individuals

For Organizations

Want missionbase for everyone at your orgaization? Get in touch to see how we can integrate with your office to help you serve your people more effectively. We can connect with your existing software and databases and enable your data to show up for members of your organization, securely.

For Individuals

Is your organization not yet set up wtih missionbase? Find other users from your organization that are using missionbase and join together to collaborate by sharing tags and other data groups relevant to you! Or work together with a friend from another organization!


Missionbase has probably cut my fund-raising time in half. Instead of calling mostly wrong numbers of people I didn't really know, now I can find and connect with the people likely to be interested in what we are doing!

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

Mission Worker, Mission to the World

I love the dashboards. It is so much easier to know exactly where to start for the day with so much of my organization automated. It saves me HOURS of administrative overhead every week and lets me get busy on the work that matters!

Johanna Kate

Johanna Kate

Marketing Manager, Chat Monkey

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